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QuibTech, by Quinn Henry. A website where I just put things out there.

👋 Hi, my name is Quinn.

I’m a network administrator at a public school district, where I provide user support and systems administration of both Linux and Windows systems. I also dabble in all sorts of IT related fields and an avid proponent of open source.

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😎 Interests

  • Homelabbing
    • Primarily running Proxmox
    • Dabbling in Kubernetes
    • Love for self-hosted projects
  • Networking
    • I mean, this is in my current job title
  • Web Design
    • More of a side thing, I definitely find it fun
    • Exceptional in WordPress and Hugo
  • Drone Flying
    • With my DJI Mini 2, I have a great love for recreational flying
    • With hopes of getting the FAA Part 107 License

🔭 Currently Working On

🌱 Currently learning

  • Kubernetes
  • Grafana

📜 Experience

Jersey Shore Area School District


Network Technician

2020 - Present

Information Technology Intern

2018 - 2020


West Branch Arts Consortium


Website Designer

2019 - Present

🎓 Education

Pennsylvania College of Technology

Bachelor’s Degree, Network Administration and Engineering Technology

2019 - Present

Associates Degree, Computer and Information Sciences


🤝 Attributions

GitHub Stats from above.

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